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The Awesome and Unusual Gifts That All Guitarists Will Love

guitar picksChristmas is fast approaching but the holiday season isn’t the only time that friends and family members that have guitar-playing loved ones are left scratching their heads.

Guitar players are notoriously difficult to buy presents for – mostly because we always have everything we need already.

Partners, parents and siblings are often intimidated when it comes to conjuring up gift ideas for the ‘bass-slapper’ in their lives so we thought it’d be a cool idea to help out by putting together a small collection of awesome and unusual gift ideas that all guitarists are sure to love!

If you’re looking for a little inspiration or want to find something a little ‘left-of-center’ to gift then keep on reading!

Personalized Guitar Picks

The humble guitar pick might not seem to be an extremely exciting gift idea to any non-musicians out there, but when you stop to think about how vital this little accessory is to the way we play, you’ll begin to understand why a customized pick is such a unique gesture!

If you’re buying a present for a family member who loves video games and playing on their computer then perhaps you’d buy them an essential piece of hardware like a joystick or maybe a copy of the latest PC game.

Those buying for a girlfriend or boyfriend who loves long scarves, time travel via TARDIS and despises Dalek’s will obviously keep their eyes peeled for websites dedicated to Doctor Who merchandise and gifts.

If you’re shopping for a base player though, nothing will say ‘you’re my #1 rock star’ more than a set of high quality, personalized picks.

You can pick them up for cheap and have any design or name put on them you like over at! Just do a search and you’ll find some really cool and reliable sellers.

cufflinksGuitar Cuff Links

Sometimes it’s best to play it safe and steer clear of giving gifts that require technical, industry knowledge to purchase.

You might think giving a new amp to your son or daughter will blow their minds but if you don’t know what you’re looking for there is a chance that you could pick up the wrong hardware.

This could not only lead to an awkward moment or two – ‘Ah…thanks, Mom…’ – but it could also result in your wasting your hard-earned money on a gift that wasn’t actually what your musician progeny wanted or needed.

There’s nothing wrong with giving a musician a gift that simply refers to their passion for all things bass!

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or even an anniversary there’s no player alive who won’t look awesome in a pair of guitar cuff links or even a similarly themed neck tie if they’re forced to live the regular 9-to-5 experience when they’re not jamming!

Clothing accessories that have a bass guitar theme are always an awesome choice and the margin for error is really low too, meaning that you’re more likely to bring a smile to their dial when then unwrap your gift.

Professional Lessons

Not all guitar players are axe-slashing professionals right from their first time playing. In fact, learning the guitar – whether it’s bass, electric or any other variant – can take years to perfect.

If you know someone who has just started out – or better yet, is thinking about it but is a little shy – then getting them some professional lessons is a great way to give them the motivation and kick start they need!

You can either go for traditional lessons – of which there are probably a lot of teachers in your local area – or you can use an online tutor system like JamPlay.

There are pros and cons to both approaches so make sure you take a closer look and choose the best that suits your needs.

Those are just three examples of some unique, Guitar-themed gift ideas that you can wrap up for your loved ones this holiday season.

If you have any cool suggestions or have received any awesome presents in the past don’t forget to leave a response in the comments. You never know who you might be helping out and inspiring!

“Bass Guitars are for Talentless Hacks” – See How We Respond to This Reader-Submitted Email

We want to start off by saying first and foremost that we absolutely love getting emails from those of you who enjoy visiting this site.

It’s always a great thrill to sit down and read through a well-written shout out from a fellow enthusiast and it really goes a long way to making all of the effort we put into this site ‘worth it.’

Occasionally though, we do get the odd negative communication. You can usually spot them pretty easily: poor grammar, ALL CAPS and ridiculous language.

99% of the time we ignore those types of emails and just ship them off to the trash but there was one that popped up recently that we wanted to share.

Our reply to this person (their name has been changed) was simple and we’d love to know what you think about our response! :)

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3 Bass Guitars That Are Excellent to Learn On (#2 is Unbelievable Value!)

Taking the first step is often the hardest part of any journey and that’s no different when you’re talking about wanting to learn to play the bass.

To make sure they get off on the right foot, lots of beginners spend hours (sometimes even days,) searching online to find that one special guitar that is ‘perfect’ for beginners that will make the journey a whole lot easier.

For those of you out there looking to streamline your path to rock stardom we have sobering message for you. You might not want to hear it but it’s important that you learn it early on:

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Here’s How Aspiring Musicians are Learning to Play Bass Like a Pro

bass lessonsA quick search online will show you that there are literally hundreds of people out there who are willing to tutor you to teach you how to play bass.

There’s a good chance that, of those thousands of people, many of them are showing up as being from you local area which isn’t a surprise considering most advertise their services online.

While most of these teachers are no doubt trained professionals who are simply plying their trade, there are also a number of less-than-savory people out there who take advantage of newcomers who just want to learn.

This has led to a change in pace and now, many of the more reputable guitar companies are taking their tutorials and classes online. That means that it’s now totally possible to learn to play the bass guitar – from scratch – without actually leaving your house!

There are several companies that publish and organize guitar lessons online (and in time we might take a look at all of them,) but today we thought we might start by focusing on perhaps the most popular of them all: JamPlay.

jamplay logo

What is Jamplay?

Launched back in 2006 they have fast become one of the most recognizable and trusted delivers of guitar-related learning materials to students of all experience levels all across the globe.

Originally, JamPlay only offered electric and acoustic lessons but they’ve recently launched the ‘bass guitar’ arm of their organization and are now known as the one-stop-shop for everything relating to guitar tutorials.

Their teaching structure is extremely straightforward and not confusing at all. There’s none of the ‘industry-heavy’ jargon that can scare most beginners off before they’ve even started, it’s all simple and separated into 3 distinct phases.

Phase 1 is ‘Beginners Lessons’ and focused on installing you with the absolute basics of Guitar 101. You’ll learn the elementary chords, how to read tablature and you’ll even get lessons in correct posture and tuning.

The second phase gets more into the genre-specific lessons and starts to really focus on building up the skills you’ll need to become a great guitar player. Rhythm training, speed and technique lessons and a variety of other hints and tips make up this section of the course and set the basis for what type of guitarist you’re going to become.

Finally, once the basics and moderate techniques are learned you more onto the ‘fun stuff’! Phase 3 is ‘Song Lesson’ and is where you’ll be taught your favorite songs.

lesson plans


Teachers & Structure

All of this education takes place online through a massive series of video clips (which average around 16 minutes each) and have been prepared by (and feature) some of the industry’s most impressive talents.

Shane Gibson (Korn,) Glen Drover (Megadeath, King,) Kris Norris (Darkest Hour) and even David Davidson (Revocation) are all a part of the JamPlay teaching faculty and bring with them an infinite amount of insight and experience that will prove invaluable to beginners and advanced players alike.

Traditionally, online lessons like those on offer here have been delivered in a ‘one-way’ format but the site’s forums and Live Lessons enable you to ask questions along the way too which is an excellent addition, we feel.

If the urge to pick up a bass guitar and start learning gotten too strong but you don’t really want to pay a huge amount for one-on-one lessons just yet, then we can sincerely recommend taking a look at JamPlay.

There are a number of unbiased, rave reviews for the service online but the best part is that you can cancel your membership at any time (it’s only $14.95 per month) and they also offer a 100% money back refund within the first 7 days if you find that the service isn’t for you.

Everyone learns differently and a face-to-face lesson with a teach might be the best option for you although, before you go and pay for a block of lessons in advance, you should go and take a look at the official JamPlay site first to see if it’s a good fit for you!


Watch An Actual Jamplay Lesson


*Editor’s Note: For those of you wondering, we are in no way associated or affiliated with the people over at JamPlay. They do have a commission-based referral program but we don’t even participate in that so, in short, we have not and will never receive a dime from JamPlay. We refer them as an option for those looking to pick up a beginners guitar because they’re one of the best; plain and simple!